Gardeners Adding Pollinators

Learn more about leafcutter bees, bumble bees,
and other pollinators that can help increase
pollination to your garden.


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Introduce Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter Bees

Raising leafcutter bees in your garden will enhance your pollination potential, increase bee numbers in your garden, and offer a great environment for other tunnel nesting bees & beneficial pollinators.


Encourage bumble bees

Bumble Bees

Encourage bumble bees to your garden by providing suitable nesting habitat, thus increase pollination in your garden as well as aiding in the conservation of dwindling bumble bee species.


Provide Wildflowers

Diverse Food Sources

Providing a diverse array of wild flower and plants in your garden will ensure a plentiful supply pollen and nectar. Food supply for bees it's important and will ensure bee thrive within your garden.

Increase Pollination

Increasing pollination simply means more food, flowers and better pollination of crops. Flowers, fruit trees and vegetable crops all need effective pollination and by introducing, raising & encouraging bees in to your backyard, you're helping to secure more local food for friends, family, neighbours and the wider community - all in turn increasing the global food production for generations to follow.

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