About BeeGAP

Gardeners Adding Pollinators

What is BeeGAP

BeeGAP is a community initiative from Creative Woodcraft, which aims to provide the following to New Zealand gardeners:

Our story

A Creative Woodcraft initiative, BeeGAP (Gardeners’ Adding Pollinators) serves as the all-in-one resource on all things pollination. From humble beginnings, Founder Ian Morton combined his two passions of wood and permaculture to develop a manufacturing niche like no other.

Designing and producing bee habitats, bird feeders and conservation items, Ian’s passion to provide gardeners with an opportunity to increase pollination fast came to light. In the ensuing years, an overwhelming consumer interest led to BeeGAP working in with some of the country’s largest retailers, where customers are now able to purchase all of these BeeGAP related products from any Oderings Garden Centre and/or Farmlands outlet throughout the country, including both online e-commerce stores.

Essentially, the message of increasing pollination is simple and BeeGAP is out to make a difference.

But we can’t do this alone and we need your help.

Sign-up today to find out how you can play your part in such a critical vision going forward, and help keep food on the table for generations to come.