Welcome to BeeGAP – Gardeners Adding Pollinators.

BeeGAP is a nationwide initiative of Creative Woodcraft, helping to raise awareness around the decline in bumble bee populations and encourage home gardeners to provide a home for pollinators. Spend some time browsing our site for everything bee related and be sure to check out our exclusive New-2-Bees Mini-Course during your stay.

We’ve thought about this question long and hard, and ultimately the concept is simple.
BeeGAP is an initiative derived from Creative Woodcraft, encouraging gardeners and Kiwis alike to share in a vital mission going forward.
The mission, should you accept, is to help reverse the declining trend of bee populations and in turn, increase pollination for our food crops and our gardens across our great nation.
Providing bees with a home is a critical step in ensuring the success of this vision and together, we can stand united in achieving our goals.
Join us on this journey as we seek to make change for the good and keep food on tables.
BeeGAP is a nationwide movement that brings together like-minded individuals, schools, hobbyists, garden clubs and nature enthusiasts to work towards a common goal.
Our website makes it easy for you by presenting educational short, sharp lessons in an all-inclusive mini-course.
If you haven’t already tried your hand at these, be sure to do so soon.
Through continued education and online resources, we aim to spread our message far and wide.
So what’s that message, you ask?
Essentially, it’s no secret the bee populations are declining rapidly here in New Zealand and with a lack of bees comes a lack of pollination.
Here at BeeGAP, we want to spearhead a campaign to raise awareness around solitary bees and bumble bees – and showcase the great things that can be done to start turning this trend around.