Installing Your Bee Cocoons

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Oct 20

Installing cocoons simply means placing cocoons into the BeeHome.

When installing your leafcutter bee cocoons in to a BeeHome, start by removing a few nesting tunnels first to provide space for the bee container. Once the bee container in placed within the BeeHome ensure you pack the nesting tunnels packed/wedged around it tightly, securing the bee container in position preventing it from falling out.

Adult bees will emerge from their cocoons and find a nesting hole to claim on their own, no need to place cocoons into the nesting tunnels.

Installing bee container

Note: It is important to ensure that nesting tunnels are pushed firmly against the back of your BeeHome.

Leafcutter bees hibernate as larvae inside of their protective leafy cocoons and they need warm temperatures to develop into adult bees, this is called incubation. Leafcutter bee cocoons purchased from BeeGAP are pre-incubated for 14 days prior to dispatched to help kick-start the bees development/emergence phase. Leafcutter bees begin to emerge from their cocoons once their developmental stage is complete and will emerge as fully developed adult bees. The males usually appears first followed a few days later by the females.

We suggest placing your bee container towards to top of your BeeHome so the warmth of the sun heating the top of your BeeHome transfers through to you bee container and warms the bees.