Leafcutter Bee House maintenance

Hand-crafted and quality New Zealand made products by nature, the Leafcutter Bee House are designed to last for many years. However, there are simple steps you can undertake at the end of each season to help preserve your bee house for many more years to follow.

After harvesting your cocoons, why not bring your bee house indoors, give it a wash down and take the opportunity to freshen up the outside. Applying a coat of linseed oil or a water based stain would be a great option on the outside of the product. However, in doing this, ensure you do not stain the laminated trays.

Once the bees have used the trays, the trays will become more valuable each year due to the fact the bee will leave a pheromone behind which is impregnated into the timber. Once the bees have laid within those nesting trays, that pheromone that the female has left in there will become more attractive to bees for the years ahead.

You may also wish to give the roof an extra lick of paint – though with or without this, the product will withstand even the roughest conditions for several years after purchase.

Leafcutter bee house maintenance