Positioning You BeeHome

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Oct 20

Ideally you should look to position your BeeHome somewhere you can sit back, relax and enjoy the activity of the bees once nesting activities begin.

Position your BeeHome to receive a good amount of sunshine throughout the day. Early morning sun is important, as this helps to warm the bees up and assists them to become more active & productive earlier in the day. If possible, position in a sheltered location away from strong prevailing winds.

Positioning your BeeHome under an overhang or covered area can often be a good choice.

Suitable BeeHome Position 1

Positioning your BeeHome near bird feeders is not suggested as emerging leafcutter bees will become an attractive meal for nearby birds.

We suggest locating your BeeHome a minimum of 1 meter above ground and no higher than 2 meters.

Suitable BeeHome Position 2

Your BeeHome has been designed with sufficient overhang of the roof to prevent ingress of rain from affecting the nesting tunnels. However, please DO NOT place the BeeHome in a position where it could be affected by water from garden hoses and irrigation. Below is an example of unsuitable location to position your BeeHome.

Unsuitable BeeHome Position 1