Protecting your BeeHome

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Oct 20

It's important to protect your BeeHome from a number of potential scenarios which could have a negative effect on bees or your nesting habitat.

Do NOT's - things to avoid

Thing's to avoid near your bees & BeeHome are:

  • Avoid using an chemicals, pesticides or harmful sprays near or around your BeeHome.
  • Do NOT use spider sprays in or around your BeeHome in any circumstances.
  • Be cautious not to position your BeeHome near any irrigation or water sources. Direct watering of the BeeHome or nesting tunnels could effect the nesting success of bees.
  • Position the BeeHome in the very shady or cool location. Bees like the warmth of the sun and rely on it to kick start their emergence cycle.
  • Place your BeeHome on the ground. There is a greater risk of water entering the BeeHome as well as ants and other pests.
  • Avoid hanging your BeeHome on branches or locations where it's a risk falling in high winds.
  • Placing your BeeHome near bird feeders or houses as they may feed on the bees.

Do's - things to consider

Thing to consider with your bees and BeeHome are:

  • Positioning your BeeHome in a sunny location. Bees require the warmth of the sun to kick start their emergence cycle.
  • Securing your BeeHome on a fixing that is stable and secure.
  • Placing your BeeHome where it's not at risk of driving rain which could effect the nesting tunnels and bees.
  • A location that has a good amount of all day sun.
  • Siting your BeeHome in a location where you can view the activity of your bees.
  • Ensure your nesting tunnels are pushed back so they are touching rear of the BeeHome and are tightly packed so they do not fall out.