Additional 75 Leafcutter Bees

Additional 75 Leafcutter Bees

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Additional 75 Leacutter Bees

This is a members-only product for those who wish to purchase additional allocations of 75 pre-incubated leafcutter bees.

These bees are perfect if you're looking to gift a BeeHome and would like to provide some leafcutter bees to accompany your gift.

Many members have mentioned they wish to setup bees in their workplace, holiday home or bach. This product along with a BeeHome is perfect for these situations.

Leafcutter Bees

Leafcutter bees are are fantastic super-pollinators of almost all summer flowering fruit, veggies and plants. Leafcutter bees are gentle-natured non-aggressive bees that do not sting making them safe around chilren and pets.

Leafcutter bees are easy to raise and fascinating to watch as they tirelessly visit plants and build new cocoons for their next generation. Watching these bees in active during the summer is wonderful and only takes a few minutes to get setup.

This product will dispatch 15 days after purchase as with pre-incubated the bees for 14 days prior to dispatch.

Note: these bees are purchasable over-and-above your member allocation of 75 pre-incubated leafcutter bees.