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BeeGAP BeeHome

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BeeGAP BeeHome

Our wild bee home has been carefully designed by BeeGAP to acommodate and raise leafcutter bees alongside many other solitary and native bees found here in New Zealand.

The nesting tunnels range in diameter from 4mm up to 10mm to provide a good range of suitable nesting habitats for many of the important wild solitary bees found in your garden.

Watch your leafcutter and wild bees build their nests, develop their young and pollinate your garden - while helping us breed the population of leafcutter bees in NZ.

This BeeHome is suitable for raising leafcutter bees and encouraging other wild solitary and native bees to take up residence in your garden.

This BeeHome include:

  • 200 nesting tunnels (ranging from 4-10mm)
  • Clear acrylic roof and screws
  • Mounting hook for hanging

The clear acrylic roof has been designed to allow the sun to shine through and warm up the BeeHome. Warming up the BeeHome will encourage bee emergence and activity to occur sooner.

Bees require warmth to kick start their emergence phase so we recommend placing your BeeHome in a sunny location that gets a good number of sunshine hours throughout the day.

Note: this product does not included bees (shown in the large tube in image). It's is designed to accompany the BeeGAP membership as suitable nesting habitat for raising leafcutter bees, or for use stand-alone to encourage the wide variety of native and solitary holes nesting bees in New Zealand.

All products have been designed by us here at BeeGAP in New Zealand.

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