Gift BeeGAP (Voucher)

Gift BeeGAP (Voucher)

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Gift BeeGAP (Voucher)

Looking for a unique gift? BeeGAP is the answer.

We feel that BeeGAP makes a perfect gift choice. It's unique, enjoyable, educational and exciting!

Gifting BeeGAP is now simple! Add this product to your cart, checkout and we'll courier you a "BeeGAP Gift Voucher" to pass on to that lucky someone.

BeeGAP is a wonderful gift idea that is suitable for friends, family, work colleagues and just about anyone who has a garden. Raising leafcutter bees is easy and doesn't required large time commitments, expensive bee keeping equipment or training. It only takes a few minutes to setup your BeeHome and then you can sit back and watch the life-cycle and nesting activity of these wonderful insects throughout the summer months.

BeeGAP provides all instructions, information and support for those raising leafcutter bees, and can help answer questions or queries you might have throughout the season.

Leafcutter bees are gentle-natured, non-stinging solitary bees that provide fantastic pollination benefits to almost all summer flowering fruit, veges, flowers and plants.

What does "Gift BeeGAP" include?

The BeeGAP gift voucher includes:

  • 1 year BeeGAP membership
  • 75 pre-incubated leafcutter bees
  • 1 BeeGAP BeeHome
  • 1 packet of wildflower seed mix

How does the receiver redeem their gift voucher?

It's simple. All they need to do is complete the same BeeGAP registration page, and select the "I have a voucher" checkbox at the final step. They won't need to enter any payment infomation, just their unique gift voucher code.

As the purchaser, will I be billed when the membership renews?

No, you won't. The "Gift BeeGAP" voucher is a one-time purchase and is not a renewable subscription. Once the receiver has redeemed their gift code, they have a BeeGAP membership for one year. At the end of this period BeeGAP will contact our new BeeGAP member to organise renewing their membership the following season.

How long does the gift voucher last?

The gift voucher is valid for 1 year from time of purchase and can be redeemed at anytime within this period. Leafcutter bees are only available between September - February, so redemptions outside of these months will be treated as a pre-order for the next bee season.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. Gifting BeeGAP is a one-time purchase that provides the receiver everything they need to raise leafcutter bees and encourage other native and solitary bees to nest in their garden.