Xmas Gift Pack

Xmas Gift Pack

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Xmas BeeGAP Gift Pack

Orders placed after 5PM on Tuesday 15th December 2020 are not guarenteed to arrive before Xmas.

Looking for a unique gift this Christmas? BeeGAP is the answer.

We feel that BeeGAP makes a perfect gift choice for Christmas. It's unique, enjoyable, educational and exciting!

Gifting BeeGAP for Christmas is now simple! Add this product to your cart, checkout and we'll courier out an "Xmas BeeGAP Gift Pack" fully gift wrapped* for the Christmas day. *Gift wrapped if ordered prior to 15th December cut-off date.

BeeGAP is a wonderful gift idea that is suitable for friends, family, work colleagues and just about anyone who has a garden. Raising leafcutter bees is easy and doesn't required large time commitments, expensive bee keeping equipment or training. It only takes a few minutes to setup your BeeHome and then you can sit back and watch the life-cycle and nesting activity of these wonderful insects throughout the summer months.

BeeGAP provides all instructions, information and support for those raising leafcutter bees, and can help answer questions or queries you might have throughout the season.

Leafcutter bees are gentle-natured, non-stinging solitary bees that provide fantastic pollination benefits to almost all summer flowering fruit, veges, flowers and plants.

What does "Xmas BeeGAP Gift Pack" include?

The BeeGAP gift pack includes:

  • 150 pre-incubated leafcutter bees
  • 1 BeeGAP BeeHome
  • 1 packet of wildflower seed mix
  • Full instructions on how to setup the BeeHome

When does the gift pack get shipped?

The "Xmas BeeGAP Gift Pack" is shipped on Monday 21st December via CourierPost. We ship on this date as the gift pack contains pre-incubated leafcutter bees and this leaves enough time for them to be placed under the Christmas tree without the bees emerging.

Which address do I provide on checkout?

Please provide the address of the household you'd like the gift pack to be sent too?

Is the "Xmas BeeGAP Gift Pack" gift wrapped?

Yes. This gift pack is gift wrapped for opening on Xmas day, if ordered prior to the 15th December cut-off date.

Can the recipient obtain an online membership with their gift pack?

Yes, they can. They'll just need to email us and we can set that up for them at anytime throughout the year.